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Garden Gnome, Store Window - The Flower Shoppe, Barrhead

Garden Gnomes Need A Home

Garden Gnomes

Attention Gnome Fans!! Are you a Gnomethusiast? Perhaps even a Gnomeister?

No Worries. Whatever your level of Gnome expertise, a fewof these elusive garden friends were spotted at The Flower Shoppe in Barrhead. Apparently, Store owner and Floral Designer, Christine Driessen, is a well known Friends of Gnomes member and has been quite active in the Find a Gnome a Home movement.

These  handsome guys agreed to pose for their photographs (and assured me that under those handsome beards, there is a smile 🙂 🙂 ) When asked what their plans were for the summer, they stated they hadn’t made any decisive plans and perhaps were looking for a garden in Barrhead to experience an Alberta Summer in.

If you think your garden has what it takes to home a Gnome this summer, come over to the Flower Shoppe and meet these guys lol. You might have to take a good look around the shop because as you know…. Gnomes like to hide!!

Why A Gnome?

Gardens express individuality, whimsy and the creators style. A Garden Gnome is a whimsical garden art figurine that not only shows a sense of fun, but piques the interest of garden visitors.

If you are considering welcoming a gnome to your garden, consider these points:

  • Gnomes are completely self-sufficient.  No additional care, maintenance or feeding is required after placing them in their alloted garden space. Perhaps a little shade to keep their colors bright or a little shower with the hose to keep them tidy, but generally quite easy additions to your space.
  • Gnomes come in different heights, colors or designs. Find one that emphasizes your garden theme or personality.
  • Tuck them in interesting scapes or unexpected corners. While the story goes that they prefer solitude, it adds depth and visual interest when visitors to your garden can discover the layers of design you have created.


Garden Gnome, Garden Outdoor, Decor - The Flower Shoppe, Barrhead

Folklore Of The Gnome

Garden gnomes are woodland creatures  that represent the most elemental spirit of the earth.  The workd Gnome comes from the Greek language and means “Earth Dweller”.  They are said to bring Good Luck and Protection to their homes.  The myth continues that Gnomes work diligently at night to help take care of the garden, working toward a bountiful harvest.


Gnome statues were first used in German gardens in the mid-1800s.


Gnome culture has them keenly interested in travel


Hobbies include Fishing, Pipe Smoking and Napping

Charming Garden Gnomes

The face of a traditional Garden Gnome has morphed into a wide variety of whimsical and charming gnome styles providing a gnome for practically any garden style, or owner personality. The idea has become quite collectible, resulting in Gnome statues residing not only in a garden border but grouped on patios, doorways, decks, sunrooms, floyers and kitchens.


Gnome, Garden Gnome, Alberta Gnome - The Flower Shoppe, Barrhead
Barrhead – Edmonton – St Albert – Spruce Grove

Garden Gnomes At The Flower Shoppe – Barrhead AB


For Metal Work Gnomes, Acrylic Painted Gnomes, Small Gnomes or Freestanding Large Gnomes

Gnomes in the style and personality that will match your garden and home