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Seasonal Fall Home Decor

Seasonal Fall Home Decor

Seasonal Decor - North Central Alberta

Flat Black Metal Circular Shelf Unit, Round Face Metal Desk Clock, White/Black Fashion Scarf,  48 inch & 24 Inch Pre Lit Black Shadow Trees

Seasonal Fall Home Decor

Accents in Black – Frame and Unify

Black is a neutral color that never goes out of style. A touch of black in everyroom is essential. It anchors your space. It adds strength to your design providing that ever so essential anchor to bring focus in to your vision. Bold, dramatic and stylish it can be used in every room in varying amounts and degree. Coordinate the style in your accent pieces unifying your theme while you play with textures, shapes and tones. It can provides a balance of simplicity while offering the dramatic punch that keeps a space from looking washed out

Seasonal Fall Home Décor

Its a change of season when The Flower Shoppe changes their front window display at the store!

Main Street Barrhead has a steady stream of weekday local and visitor traffic. One of the visual attraction is the front windowscape of The Flower Shoppe.
Christine Dreissen, owner and Floral artist, has a flair for Seasonal Decoration and Home Décor.
The changing window displays at The Flower Shoppe can attest to that.

Untraditional Color Choices Renew Seasonal Décor

Stepping away from the traditional Golds, Gingers, Clay, Curry and Brick hues, Christine has made a monochromatic choice of bisque, bleached beach sands and tans, adding the strength of scattered Black accents for this years Fall Window vista. They successfully turned the view from the brightness of a summer beach to the fading sun of our coming Alberta Fall. When the golden lights of the store and display backlight the display in the late September afternoon, it is welcoming view that may give you pause to explore the display a little more.

Stacks of Ghost pumpkins showcase the anchoring ivory antique sideboard, whose home is now front and center of the flower/gift shop window. The staggering columns of sketched on, black face grinning, bisque hued pumpkins have less of the traditional Halloween Decoration theme with more of an interior style statement.  The addition of ebony, sable and raven hues of the Home Dec items staging Christine’s Fall window display, clearly shows her talented use of color and ability  to create a theme. The shop has used black in textures to boldly balance the window with the simplicity of varied metal lanterns, a simple clock, a circular shelf,  drapings of  printed fashion scarves, a hanging twig broom, then sparkled by a pre-lit shadow tree. This successfully added depth and interest to the display. Whimsy and fun smiles back at you when you spy the black of the suspended conical, wide brim hats strung across with the vintage lights, suggesting more of an artistical rendering than a spooky themes.

A simple brown paper hanging to do list shows that focal points can be simple, purposeful and of the day-to-day variety. 

And in a glance it may look like an interior windowscape, but from the street view, the black window frame, white stucco exterior, the flat black metal table and chair frame this eye grabbing vista. It created an enjoyable unspoken invitation to sit when you enjoy one of their fantastic Lattes. What a great way to relax and take in the winding down of a perfect September day.

Color + Textures + Seasonal Items = Strength in Interior Style

What The Flower Shoppe does with colors, always working with seasonal availability, creating trends while remaining unique and one of a kind, setting a stage wherever their artistic creations are placed. If it is your dining room table, guests will want to sit longer. If it is a “thinking of you” gift, they will always smile at when you come to mind. Birthdays, Anniversaries are true celebrations when the dazzle of one of their floral arrangements sits center field of your gatherings.
And what they accomplish with their wedding florals is nothing short of true custom works of “I Do” worthy floral artistry!

We invite you to come visit The Flower Shoppe and check out the new window display. Have a sit and a coffee/tea/decadent hot chocolate and enjoy a wonderful Fall afternoon. Step inside and visit the floral cooler and take a little bit of the floral artistry from Christine and The Flower Shoppe team home with you.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!


Seasonal Décor - Window Dressing, The Flower Shoppe
Seasonal Fall Decor - Window Dressing, North Central Alberta
Barrhead – Edmonton – St Albert – Spruce Grove – Westlock – Whitecourt

Seasonal Fall Home Décor At The Flower Shoppe –
North Central Alberta


Seasonal Window Dressing - North Central Alberta
Seasonal Fall Home Decor - North Central Alberta



Ebony and Ivory

Perfect Harmony in Interior Design and Seasonal Decor

Seasonal Window Dressing - North Central Alberta
Fall, Home Style, Seasonal Decor - North Central Alberta
Seasonal Decor - North Central Alberta
Seasonal Fall Home Decor - North Central Alberta
Seasonal, Window Dressing, Fall, Home Decor - North Central Alberta